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We serve

Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Elkhorn and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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We serve

Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Elkhorn and Council Bluffs, Iowa.


What Others Are Saying About Our Care

Paul Kini, owner and CEO of Beautiful Life Family Home Care, has been known to me since September 2009. I got to know him, first, as a home health aide/CNA working for another agency and provided care to a priest by name Monsignor Charles Brodensen (deceased). His dedication to the client’s care and his total work ethics were admirable and commendable. Mr. Kini would later form his own company and continues to care for residents of St. John Vianney—a priest retirement home in Omaha.

His compassion, first-class care and dedication to the well-being of the retired priests and other residents made me decide to deal with his agency exclusively. I did not hesitate to designate his company as the official home health agency for John Vianney residents, having seen his prior work.

I have seen and observed Paul and his staff spend quality time with their clients. I have seen him take them to doctor’s appointments and run shopping errands at no extra cost. I have observed the care at first hand and can attest to his sincerity, integrity, and his overall business operation. His workers are as dedicated and hard working as their boss.
I have had discussions with family members and power of attorneys of clients that Paul provides services to and they are always full of praise for his dedicated services to their loved ones.

As director of this retirement home, I am very much aware of the needs of seniors and the efforts needed to provide a complete care to them. For us to trust Beautiful Life Home Care and Paul with exclusive referrals and recommendations means he has truly lived up to our expectations and the high standards we expect from home care agencies.
Please feel free to call me at any time.

My contact information is below
Email: bjselvy@archomaha.org
Phone: 402-392-1542

Buffy Selvy

Director: St. John Vianney Residence.

“Paul Kini and the staff of Beautiful Life Family Home Care cared for Monsignor Charles Brodersen for the last three years of his life in a loving and respectful manner. In the beginning, Father did not need as much supervision nor as many services, but as the months passed, it was evident that his physical and mental abilities were diminishing. Paul, owner and founder of Beautiful Life, was always attentive to those needs and communicated with us, his family. Receiving this love, attentiveness, and companionship allowed Father to remain safely and in the comfort and security of his own home.”

Sr. Carolyn Foley, O.S.M

I want you to know how appreciative I am of the care you took of my husband, and later, of my daughter. Your kindness, good humor, and professional care often got Dick to do some things he really didn’t want to do like a shower and some of his P.T. and O.T. You often went out on your own to bring him some little things he enjoyed (Italian ice, a piece of pizza).
You were always honest, fair, reliable, and showed empathy, not only for your patient, but also for his family. Dick enjoyed hearing about your family and stories of your homeland. The two men who worked with you shared the same work ethic and personal integrity as you did.
When my daughter was in a memory facility and became unable to do for herself, she needed three caretakers instead of two. You came twice a day to help so I wouldn’t have to move her to a skilled nursing facility. I have no reservations in recommending you and your staff.
Mary Ann Formico

I am an attorney in the practice of estate planning, elder law and probate for 43 years. Much of my practice necessarily takes me into nursing homes, assisted living facilities and independent living facilities. I am of the opinion that if a person is in need of part or full-time care and has his or her own personal resources, they are better off remaining in their own home if they can find and retain good, quality, and dependable caregivers. Their peace of mind and happiness will be greatly enhanced because they are still living in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Some of my clients have asked for my help in finding full and part time caregivers since they have no immediate family available to them. In which case I try and find caregivers who will be of a “fit” with my client and who will take a personal interest in their wellbeing; who will treat them as they would their own mother or father. I have found just such a group of persons whom I can depend on to care for my clients. Paul kini and his employees in Beautiful Life Family Home Care are just what I had been looking for. They are honest, reasonable in charges, and will do anything asked of them by the client or by me, including taking the client to doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, bringing them to family gatherings and church events, giving baths, doing laundry.

Beautiful Life Family Home Care came highly recommended to me by a couple of different people who had employed their services for their loved ones and I have used them for a number of, men and women, some of whom just needed personal care and support while they recovered from an accident, and others who have required 24 hour seven days a week care due to a variety of physical and mental issues. They are wonderful people and I highly recommend them to you. I will be pleased to speak to anyone about their services and my experience with them.

P.S. By the way, I am not the attorney for Beautiful Life Family Home Care or for Paul Kini or any of their employees. None of them are my clients and neither I nor my clients are receiving any services or discounts or any other remunerations for this testimonial.

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Lawrence A. Dwyer

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